External References

Components described in SBOMs generated by the CycloneDX Maven Plugin contain a few fields and external references that are extracted from Maven effective POMs:

  • of the current built pom.xml (with inheritance) for SBOM metadata.component = the component that the BOM describes,
  • of the Maven dependencies for SBOM components.

SBOM Fields extracted from POM

3 SBOM fields are deducted from effective POM (= after POM inheritance from parents):

  • component.publisher is filled with POM's project.organisation.name,
  • component.description is filled with POM's project.description,
  • component.licenses[] is filled with POM's project.licenses[].

External References extracted from POM

POM field External Reference type
project.url website
project.scm.url vcs
project.ciManagement.url build-system
project.issueManagement.url issue-tracker
project.mailingLists[].archive or subscribe mailing-list
project.distributionManagement.repository.url distribution

Additional External References for metadata.component

You can add more external references the component that the BOM describes by plugin configuration:

        <type>... external-reference-type ...</type>
        <url>... value ...</url>
        <comment>(optional) comment</comment>

See valid CycloneDX external reference types.