cdx:device Namespace Taxonomy

Namespace Description
cdx:device:quantity The total number of the specified component.
cdx:device:function The purpose of the component (Bluetooth, network, storage, microprocessor, connector, etc)
cdx:device:location The location on the board or related daughter-boards where the device exists.
cdx:device:deviceType The type of component such as SMD, thru-hole, etc
cdx:device:serialNumber Unique identifier using serial number if available
cdx:device:sku Internal inventory reference if available
cdx:device:lotNumber Lot or batch identification for the component
cdx:device:prodTimestamp Production timestamp for the component
cdx:device:macAddress Hardware address for network interfaces

cdx:device:bom Namespace Taxonomy

Property Description
cdx:device:bom:ebom Location to the Engineering Bill of Materials. This BOM contains assembly-component structure with documents coming from the CAD systems along with information about how the product is engineered.
cdx:device:bom:mbom Location to the Manufacturing Bill of Materials. MBOM represents the data that is needed to perform product assembly.

cdx:device:certifications Namespace Taxonomy

Property Description
cdx:device:certifications:<ISO-3166-1> ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 country code of a certifying authority
cdx:device:certifications:<ISO-3166-1>:<AUTHORITY> Abbreviation of the certifying authority (e.g. FCC, UL, and CE)
cdx:device:certifications:<ISO-3166-1>:<AUTHORITY>:id Identifier for radio components.
cdx:device:certifications:<ISO-3166-1>:<AUTHORITY>:url URL to certification details.

cdx:device:gs1 Namespace Taxonomy

Property Description
cdx:device:gs1:epcRfid Electronic Product Code - RFID (EPC Tag Data Standard)
cdx:device:gs1:giai Global Individual Asset Identifier (GIAI)
cdx:device:gs1:gln Global Location Number (GLN)
cdx:device:gs1:gmn Global Model Number (GMN)
cdx:device:gs1:gtin-8 Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN-8 / EAN/UCC-8)
cdx:device:gs1:gtin-12 Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN-12 / UPC-A)
cdx:device:gs1:gtin-13 Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN-13 / EAN/UCC-13)
cdx:device:gs1:gtin-14 Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN / EAN/UCC-14 or ITF-14)